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  • Firekeeper 0.3.1 is available
Firekeeper is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for Firefox. It is able to detect, block and warn the user about malicious sites. Firekeeper uses flexible rules similar to Snort ones to describe browser based attack attempts. Rules can also be used to effectively filter different kinds of unwanted content.
Features of Firekeeper include:

Download the newest Firekeeper release. Note: This is an alpha release which main purpose is to get feedback from users about Firekeeper's functionality and to test if Firekeeper works well on various different systems.
After installing visit a page with some tests, Firekeeper should display an alert for every link on this page.

Check also Firekeeper FAQ, help and a description of Firekeeper rules. More details about Firekeeper and development news are posted at project weblog. Any comments are very welcome, please write to project mailing list

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For questions or comments about firekeeper, please send a message to the firekeeper mailing list.
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